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Good day to all. Pleased to be a part of what seems to be a very welcoming forum. My father was a professional modeler working for Basset Loak in the UK, and with retirement beckoning I have unpacked his tools and am ready to go.
Have selected HMS Badger from Caldercraft as the first one up. Will consider starting a build log once I get ready to start.
Hallo @Chris1953 , in this area, the profile posts, in which you wrote your post, not so many members are looking......therefore was no response. Interesting to hear, that you have a lot of tools from your father, so the Badger could be started. Would like to see your building log of this interesting model. Hope to hear from you soon
Retired equipment sales rep. Bought my first ship model in 1993. The Swift. Started on it didn't read the instructions all the way got the ribs and false deck done. Purchased two more Billings kits. Decided to restore Model A Fords. So I packed up the kits and gave them to my son in law. Fast forward moved to WA to be close to grand kids. Asked if I could have the kits back and I am now working on the Swift.
I'm a retired carpenter. i'm working on a 1/8" equals 1' model of the Clipper Ship
Young America. The first hull was pretty crude and was scrapped. The second hull is much better and I am just starting the rigging. I learn a lot every hour I spend on the model.
This second model will probably never be completed but be an ongoing
My next model will be the Denis Sullivan, whose home port is here in Milwaukee, Wis
Hallo @Gil , in this area not much People are looking, so therefore it was no response. Would like to see you model of the Young America in a building log, and off course also later on the Denis Sullivan.
Hi Ray, that's a great piece of workmanship I love your double planking. I see looking at your workmanship I have still a long way to go, keep at it and I am sure with the help of all our members you will certainly get there. looking forward to future photos.
I am an ex member of the MSW, I have completed just one kit it was ALs Red Dragon. My main interest is ship modelling,Ships of Scale is a friendly club.
Thank you for the reply to part 3.
When I now go to the alerts I can not open the previous message; how do i get to the plan page?
old timers kicking in
Searching, searching, searching for your excellent build log for the Nave Egizia. I was just looking at it a week or so ago. Where did it go?
The parts arrived today so I can pick up on the project. I think I will post some pictures of the finished boat when I am done.
Great, I will look forward to seeing those.
Mike: Check the spreadsheet. How many pieces of spirketing? Sheet calls for 18, I count 11 or 12 depending upon how you handle the planks behind the waterways.
I see now that Scotland was your vacation. I have been there twice (years ago). My mother was from Paisley. I am in New Brunswick, Canada.
Hi, I went over the plans and instructions many times, nothing. Then, an idea. I looked at your build log photos, BINGO. They are the "lateral stern bench seats". Fig 6 (Plan 2) and the instructions say to build them from 4X25 walnut planks. Plan 2 1:1 top view shows the profile of the precut parts (FIG. 9) with no notations on construction. problem solved. Thanks.
Where in Scotland are you?
That's great, glad the mystery is solved. I remember now that the templates themselves are designated as figures. What I ended up doing because I got sick of hunting backwards and forwards was to take a highlighter to the plans so that the small drawings are more easy to find. I am not in Scotland, I am in East Yorkshire, not far from Hull; where are you?
Graham, many thanks, good information . I don't know how long the parts will take to arrive. I have most of the smaller components built and am now in a state of limbo.
The large cannon frame is one of the missing parts so I am stuck there too.
I do have one question. Part FIG. 9 is also missing, I don't know what it is and can find no reference to it in the plans. Any clues?
Sorry, but I have thrown all the plans and instructions away - I don't keep them when I finish a build. Is there no mention at all of figure 9 in the instructions? I f so what exactly does it say? I had to scour the plans numerous times and they have a habit of tucking away small sketches in the oddest places and not where you would expect them to logically be, so give that another try. Get back to me. Cheers.
Hi Graham, I am VERY new to this. Joined to see your pictures of the Armed Launch. Fantastic build.
Just starting the same kit. Due to a cutting issue parts were missed. Anyway, on their way from Italy however, I can not start the hull.
Do you think I can do the main deck planking and hatches and install it later? Instructions are not great. Don't want to mess up the order of things.
Hi. Yes, you could do that, have a look at my log again to see how I used the deck as a template for the hatch sizes. The plans and to some extent the instructions seem to indicate that the hatches may in fact be recessed, but I chose to do the hatches separately and then stick them on the finished deck. Regarding the deck planking, again, look at my log. The plywood deck was way too small, so I planked longer.
Looks like I ran out of space. Yes, you may need to plank longer on the main and fore deck as I did, but will not know until you offer up the templates. Suggest you hold off on this until you finish the hull, then you will know. It's OK to work out of sequence in the meantime and the main Cannon and mast are projects in their own right to be getting on with. Any questions, happy to help.
Hi Don, Sometime ago you said you were going to post a log of the Marristella Galley on this site are you going to build it, as I have the kit but to me not enough information in the instructions and the plans. THANKS Don Farr
Currently working on schooner Elsie. Question - where does the anchor chain go once it comes aboard? On the model, should it just lie on the deck; go around the windlas; go into a chain box? The plans do not show where the chain goes. Any help or ideas appreciated as to what would look right. Maggie
Maggie, I am just now seeing this. Perhaps you can post this in the Model Help section or start a build log in the Wooden Kits section and you might get more response.