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Hi Graham, I am VERY new to this. Joined to see your pictures of the Armed Launch. Fantastic build.
Just starting the same kit. Due to a cutting issue parts were missed. Anyway, on their way from Italy however, I can not start the hull.
Do you think I can do the main deck planking and hatches and install it later? Instructions are not great. Don't want to mess up the order of things.
Hi Don, Sometime ago you said you were going to post a log of the Marristella Galley on this site are you going to build it, as I have the kit but to me not enough information in the instructions and the plans. THANKS Don Farr
Currently working on schooner Elsie. Question - where does the anchor chain go once it comes aboard? On the model, should it just lie on the deck; go around the windlas; go into a chain box? The plans do not show where the chain goes. Any help or ideas appreciated as to what would look right. Maggie
Maggie, I am just now seeing this. Perhaps you can post this in the Model Help section or start a build log in the Wooden Kits section and you might get more response.