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I have this Kit also and will be using PVA for mine I will also be using Elmers Glue All and CA glue. let me explain the PVA is great for gluing paper but in my past use exp. isn't a rigid glue it tens to remain flexible when on paper. Elmers Glue All is also great on paper dries clear and is better suited for built up structure gluing then PVA. then We have CA glue that makes paper very rigid you will want that.
Yes this is the same from Shipyard i do have one question which i am unsure of is a easy peasy one what type of glue would i use i have been told Pva, Glue stick, or Uhu twist and glue putting onto card and using a toothpick to spread out, however i was thinking of ordering Pva glue, and small brushes and small spreaders to use what would you suggest
Thanks for the welcome. New to this game, built a couple of ships many years ago. Just starting on the Armed Pinnace! Novice +++
Once more welcome here in the forum.....would be great if you would start a building log in the forum, so if necessary and requested we can help, assist and give hints.....Good that you have found our forum. Happy modelling