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Good day to all. Pleased to be a part of what seems to be a very welcoming forum. My father was a professional modeler working for Basset Loak in the UK, and with retirement beckoning I have unpacked his tools and am ready to go.
Have selected HMS Badger from Caldercraft as the first one up. Will consider starting a build log once I get ready to start.
Retired equipment sales rep. Bought my first ship model in 1993. The Swift. Started on it didn't read the instructions all the way got the ribs and false deck done. Purchased two more Billings kits. Decided to restore Model A Fords. So I packed up the kits and gave them to my son in law. Fast forward moved to WA to be close to grand kids. Asked if I could have the kits back and I am now working on the Swift.
I'm a retired carpenter. i'm working on a 1/8" equals 1' model of the Clipper Ship
Young America. The first hull was pretty crude and was scrapped. The second hull is much better and I am just starting the rigging. I learn a lot every hour I spend on the model.
This second model will probably never be completed but be an ongoing
My next model will be the Denis Sullivan, whose home port is here in Milwaukee, Wis