Why I prefer to build small ship models

Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
I'm not referring to scale here, I wouldn't build a sailing ship model in any scale smaller than 1/200. What I am referring to is smaller ships like schooners and brigs, the bigger the scale the better. Too bad I can't afford any of the 1/48th scale or bigger small ships. Building a model of these ships usually only involves a few cannons to be rigged, fewer ratlines, deadeyes, blocks and other rigging hardware to assemble. One gets to do all those things but not 100 or more on a single model. I don't know how some of the modelers whose work I have seen are patient enough to rig upwards of 100 cannon on a single model or the many hundreds of deadeyes. I'm glad someone is doing it, just not me. I also have a limited amount of time left in my life and I would like to get a few projects completed before checking out of here. I know my family well enough that after I'm gone, completed models on the shelves will end up in their homes on a mantle somewhere (those I haven't given away yet) but incomplete models will end up at the county landfill. So, I'd rather build several smaller ships that get completed than have a model project so big and complicated that it never gets finished. Oh, and the final reason is the cost. I can't bring myself to spend much over $100 on a model kit or have a pile of accessory parts tying up several hundred dollars. Unless you are fortunate enough to be wealthy my recommendation is to buy em now while young and can afford it.


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Jun 30, 2012

Great Britain
I don't have the patience to build big models! Neither am I much good with kits, and gave up on them long ago. My models cost practically nothing to build, and even a complicated sailing ship only requires 50 hours of so, spread over a few weeks. Much simpler to build small, but most modellers convince themselves it is too difficult without even trying!


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Jul 9, 2016

Melbourne Australia
Agree with your comments gentlemen.
My preferred scale is 1/48 as you can really get some fine detailing at that large scale. But the downside is of course the size of the completed model, especially when you add the glass case over the model. It really takes up a lot of space in the house.

So now I have decided to not have a house full of model ships, rather the newest completed build comes into the house and replaces an older model that I give away or sell.