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Feb 27, 2016

Thanks very much, guys.
Planking is a good time to ponder the next stages of the build and my mind has turned towards decoration on this ship. The ships were highly decorated in order to '....glorify the King's majesty', i.e. show off a lot. I am proposing to use waterslide decals made using PowerPoint and got the idea and some good information from Grayson72 who is building the Wells Fargo Stagecoach - check out his excellent build log on this site.
I have scanned all bulkheads and gunwhales and the waist rail below is an example -

Waist 1.PNG

This gives me an actual size picture to scale onto. Now I can overlay the designs made using PowerPoint -

Waist 2.PNG

From here I can play around with the sizes and designs until I am happy with them. I think I will certainly stick with the upper design which features the Tudor Green colour and the St George's Cross, both of which I like and I think might have featured strongly. These designs would have been painted on to individual panels on the actual ship, some of which were fixed and some removable - removable in order to enable the archers to get a clear shot and not shoot through the anti-boarding netting above their heads. Anyway, I just thought I'd share the idea with you and I need to finish the planking first but that might slow down a bit because my fishing season starts at the weekend and I'm off to catch some carp. Fishing is a bit like building these ships - sometimes you have great days, sometimes it all goes wrong and you wonder why the Hell you bother. Here's hoping for some sunshine and a few tight lines!


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Sep 10, 2017

The Netherlands
Hi Graham,

Looks great must be a joy to decorate these very colourfull 16th century vessels. As you mention Powerpoint is a great tool to create this type of decorations, I use it a lot.

Regs Maarten