Good plank on frame kit for a beginner HMS Bounty Jolly Boat

Aug 23, 2017

central Florida
This is the Artesania Latina 1/25th scale kit. I originally purchased this kit over 20 years ago and had just started planking the hull when a change of residence put the project on hold. The only thing I can find from that time is the unfinished hull and a few odd parts. Last week I was able to get another kit for under $50 so I decided to give it another go. It appears that over the years they have updated and improved upon the original kit. Among other things, it now comes with a ready to mount set of sails and some tapered planks to help make the job of planking the hull easier than when I originally tried to build the kit. It also now has laser cut frames and a new stand with a bronze name plate to mount the boat on when finished. As I recall I got somewhat frustrated with the planking and as there was no internet with websites like this to help a novice I probably set it aside and pursued other activities to occupy my leisure time. This kit also has a step by step picture book showing every phase of the construction. I have read where other beginners have had similar problems to mine with the planking phase of the build so when I do get started I will start a build log and hopefully avoid some of the pitfalls that have caused headaches with other modelers. I think I have enough experience now that this model should be a breeze. Only time will tell whether this kit is truly one for a beginner and whether my modeling skills have improved since I tried it the last time.

It amazes me that 19 men were able to traverse 3,500 miles of ocean and reach Timor without loss of life in such a small boat. As I recall from the movies about the Mutiny on the Bounty the boat used by Captain Bligh didn't seem to be as completely rigged for sailing as this model depicts it. But using a movie as a source of reference material is probably not a very good idea.