Armed Pinnace (Panart)


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Feb 27, 2016

Model of a 10 mtr long armed launch which was used by numerous navies during the 19th century.
These launches were armed with naval guns of different calibre and type; in the bow section a cannon or carronade was installed while in the stern two more light, small swivel guns were aimed by hand.
Usually, these boats were employed in coastal patrols or in escort services, but also demonstrated their wartime capacity in surprise actions attacking craft in difficulty or anchored. Due to their remarkable manoeuvrability, they were also in great numbers employed during landing actions, preceding the main fleet which moved slower and was more vulnerable.
The bow cannon, placed on a wooden structure attached to the first benches, slid back and forth, recoiling on two slits made on the two carrying guides and was manoeuvred by two forward and aft placed tackles. The gun captain was responsible for the elevation of the cannon while the helmsman was responsible for aligning the bow with the target. Mast and sail during the surprise actions were lowered on the benches.
The slipway and some of the parts in the following diorama are not included in the kit; the build log can be found in the Wooden Kits section on this site. P1020165.JPG P1020167.JPG P1020169.JPG P1020170.JPG P1020171.JPG P1020173.JPG P1020174.JPG P1020175.JPG P1020176.JPG P1020177.JPG P1020178.JPG P1020179.JPG P1020180.JPG P1020183.JPG


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Dec 25, 2017

Vienna, Austria
Hallo Graham,
A very nice and accurate built model. Especially your way of presentation on a slipway looks very good and attractive.
You did a real good job on the kit!