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  1. epicdoom

    Rigging cannons without blocks

    I've seen then done this way also. I like using the blocks, but like Dave Mentioned getting the right block size for the carriage isn't easy sometimes. I usually use 3mm or 4mm doubles those are the smallest I can find
  2. epicdoom

    Expensive Model

    She likes that I build them mostly because I'm home as apposed to the Bar. I know I'm happier I've never gotten a hangover from building a ship. The wife and I used to do a lot of stuff together I'm a history buff and love war history so I go to many of the Battle grounds, she really liked doing...
  3. epicdoom

    Expensive Model

    I love your work Bob I have room for smaller ships, though I'm sure the Admiral wouldn't think so lol I make a lot of Native American things that she likes to keep, but ships are a whole different animal. She just thinks the are to large to fit in any rooms space.
  4. epicdoom

    HMS Ontario 1780 Cross Section scale 1:32

    I've not seen any builds with the little door so I think it would be awesome to add if the ship had those. Little details go a long way
  5. epicdoom

    R R Ruiz

    Welcome Aboard
  6. epicdoom

    Soleil Royal ZHL kit 1:90 Scale

    Amazing work brother
  7. epicdoom

    Completion of Oliver Cromwell

    Amazing work
  8. epicdoom


  9. epicdoom

    Expensive Model

    Truth in that Very valid point and the reason I don't sell them I started doing some hobbies for profit like Forging and foundry work. what started as a hobby to make things I wanted or needed turned into a JOB with folks wanting this or that made after a while and I mean a short while it was...
  10. epicdoom

    Happy Birthday to our member Peglegreg, CraigFair, gamin and Waldemar !!

    Happy Birthday my Brother, I hope you have a great relaxing day.
  11. epicdoom

    My Heller 1/100th Victory

    Beautiful Build I love Heller kits I have only built the Planes, but they are always Highly detailed and accurate. I have built every WWII plane they produced in 1/72 scale. They were all built and given to my Best friends Father who was a Pilot in WWII he literally cried the day I gave them to him.
  12. epicdoom

    Oliver Cromwell, POF ,Scale 1:48 by Lawrence

    Me and Mine wish You and Yours a safe and Happy Holiday Brother Thank you Christmas has a way of getting even the most strict of builders into the holiday spirit, maybe its because we hope Santa will shove a nice new Ship under our tree. The Admiral is Busy right now whipping the house into...
  13. epicdoom

    HMS Ontario 1780 Cross Section scale 1:32

    I was thinking Spy ports also keep an eye on the enemy doors closed till you get in range that way it doesn't look threatening then once close enough throw open the cannon doors and let um have it lol Mike your doing Fantastic Work Brother its looking amazing
  14. epicdoom

    Oliver Cromwell, POF ,Scale 1:48 by Lawrence

    Your making great progress and it looks fantastic
  15. epicdoom

    HMS Royal Caroline kit ZHL 1/30

    Fantastic work brother
  16. epicdoom

    Black Pearl By ZHL build

    I looked it over today lucky I am able to understand how the brains work at Mamoli otherwise it would be confusing I really want to put what time I have right now into completing the Black Pearl mast parts. I was going to hop on the Blandford build and get everything planked on the lower end...
  17. epicdoom

    Black Pearl By ZHL build

    Before I get to far ahead of myself I wanted to get the cannons started as they need to be placed and rigged before the masts are installed. So I'm now working in both there were no extras to rig cannons and I debated if I should or not, I decided to do it just because. I got to work tapering...
  18. epicdoom

    Expensive Model

    I see model ships in some of the corporations I go to. some places buy them for the Lobby or office decor. I would imagine the best sales are in places that have waterfront or waterfront history. It always amazes me what some ships can fetch and I was told a person could have a vessel graded and...
  19. epicdoom

    Ahoy, shipmates!

    Welcome Aboard I also Build ships in Bottles though its been almost a year and a half since I've done one. Great work on the one you have