Darron's over 90% scratch build: Sovereign Of The Seas 1:84

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Re: Darron's over 90% scratch build: Sovereign Of The Seas 1

Post by Darron » Sun May 04, 2014 12:48 pm

Hi Shipmates! :cool:

Thank you Steve! I do like to play around with graphics and photo's.

First I had to remove the stern planks that I used last time to demonstrate what can happen if you don’t shape the planks enough at the stern as you curve planks around the transom, this build calls for a flat transom with the hull planks ending on the edge of the transom not curving around it and so these planks are removed.

I used a temporary strip of 6mm wood pinned to the false keel were the stern post will be, this will keep the planks on the transom the right distance apart and level with the keel as it did before when I did the stern part of the gallery. Once the transom was totally planked I used a profile gauge to match both side of the transom as I sanded the planks to shape, check all the time so as not to remove too much.

Image Image

When the shape of the transom was right I cut-off the pin heads filed them flat to the transom, I started to re-plank the stern of the ship allowing the planks to overhang the transom, once the glue had set fully I cut the excess off and sanded the edge of the plank to the transom.

Image Image

Well the planking continues!

Image I might not be able to see what I'm doing, but I have a feeling it's RIGHT!

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Re: Darron's over 90% scratch build: Sovereign Of The Seas 1

Post by popeye » Sun May 04, 2014 7:20 pm

doing a great job....the planking looks real good ;)

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Re: Darron's over 90% scratch build: Sovereign Of The Seas 1

Post by GaryM » Sun May 04, 2014 7:27 pm

Great idea of using the contour gauge to balance the sides.
Happy modeling,
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