Naomi South Australian Fishing Boat 1/24 scal2 by neptune

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Re: Naomi South Australian Fishing Boat 1/24 scal2 by neptune

Postby Canoe21 » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:07 am

Hello John

I sure did enjoy your build log on the little Namoi South Australian Fishing Boat. I sure do like the way that you approach and solve your little shipbuilding problems with such great results, and your sharing them with your Ship Mates is so very helpful in our own little Old Ship Yards.

Sure do like your display case, it looks so neat and well designed. Using your plans as a build guide I also built a very similar display case for my HMS Bounty build and everyone that looks at it just love it. I still have to add a couple of catches for the door. I had to order them from China as I could not find anything that would fit in around home and they just came the other day. Thanks again for your help.

Very nice job you have did machining up your prop with such great results. It sure would have been easier if you had a indexing head but those are very pricey and are only in my wildest dreams, Well Done, Enjoy.

Regards Lawrence
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Re: Naomi South Australian Fishing Boat 1/24 scal2 by neptune

Postby neptune » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:31 am

Thank you Lawrence for those nice compliments, I appreciate them,

best regards John.

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