HMS Victory DeAgostini 1/84 Part Work

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Re: HMS Victory DeAgostini 1/84 Part Work

Post by GaryM » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:30 am

These are your pictures. Just save them to your hard drive and then host them here. Then tell them to remove all your stuff off their site because you want nothing to do with them. Also, say you are no longer willing to have them use your pictures on their site.
Just because they hosted them, does not give them ownership unless you sign a contract stating that they had exclusive rights to your pictures or that they stated that up front prior to your posting them with them that anything post on their site could not be used elsewhere and you agreed with it as a condition of using their site.
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Re: HMS Victory DeAgostini 1/84 Part Work

Post by fragle123 » Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:08 am

Hi Gary
Sorry for the late reply, i am using their so called free storage and i got the email from them saying i am using it for 3rd party hosting yet from what i can remember you could upload your pics for showing on forums anyway i have deleted the account now but did read somewhere else that other people have had the same email.
When i went back to photobucket just to check whether i had gone over my free limit it showed that i had only used 19% of my free 2GB of storage and basically when i went to view my photo's or do anything it was unusable due to the amount of adds that kept popping up every few seconds even for the few minutes i was on my page my pop up blocker had stopped 75 adds but they still got through and every time you closed an add another one opens immediately, this never used to happen when i first opened the free account.
I have all the photo's on my laptop anyway so that's not an issue but i used that site because some forums you cannot upload photo's straight to the forum so need to use a storage site for this and if i remember right that's what photobucket was originally for in the first place.

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