Badger by Caldercraft 1:64

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Re: Badger by Caldercraft 1:64

Post by Donnie » Sun Sep 08, 2013 8:30 am

It seems that I read somewhere that someone took a flat gray primer and sprayed a light layer of paint on their hull to be able to see imperfections better. Well, I am not advocating this and I don't think that I would subscribe to this either. When you mentioned that you think you see a low point or some low points, this thought came to mind.
However, if I remember, I did use some flat (non spray) acrylic on my upper planking to assist in laying out my gun ports. It was actually easier to see the alignment of the gun port frames this way. it was going to be covered by planking anyway.

Sounds like you are satisfied with your results so far - that's great Bill.
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