"Steves" Sovereign build partwork.

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Re: "Steves" Sovereign build partwork.

Postby StevieF » Sun Jun 28, 2015 8:08 am

Thanks for the comments chaps!, and a warm welcome back to Nigel. I do enjoy looking at your builds I pick up quite a lot of tips from how you approach this hobby and find the pictures quite enthralling!!
I have done a tiny bit more to my build with a few photos below to show what I've been up to!
As can be seen in the sequence of photos I have disregarded the quite plain and not very nice magazine suggestion for the door and made my own version, I don't have any reference for the way I have built my door but just used what was to hand and cast myself some resin parts to build the frame of the door. As there is a lot of colourful cast decorations all over this build the look of the quite drab magazine build didn't look quite right and I decided a more ostentatious look would be more in keeping?
The photo of the magazine page shows what the rails for the steps should look like! these too will be built to a more ornate fashion by myself over the next few sessions.
All of the gun carriages and cannon have been completed together with some tackle blocks! the photo with the ruler on show demonstrates what the collection provides as blocks and eyes and what I actually used. In the centre of the five articles on display is a wheel, and to the left are a provided block (5mm) and an eye (big). Of course to the right is what I've used, block (3mm) and eye (tiny etch), of course it takes a little longer to prepare everything and I expect that when I come to attach all the relevant rigging I'll be turning the air blue with so many tiny fiddly blocks to handle! but the end result will be worth it?
That's it for today I'm off to drive myself insane rigging all these tiny blocks (I could be missing for some time).
Cheers, Steve..
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Re: "Steves" Sovereign build partwork.

Postby popeye » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:53 pm

nice looking cannons Steve..........and a very sweet idea for the door :)
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