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Photobuckets New Policy

Postby admin » Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:58 pm

If you have a free account with Photobucket and if you are embedding those images withing SOS, they will be removed by photobucket. Ships of Scale or any other site, blog, forum, etc is considered a 3rd party site. So, for instance for myself as example, I have all of my Trinidad images "IMAGE" linked to photobucket.
What this means that you, I or anyone that has images being hosted on Photobucket, well, when you log into your build log, they will not be seen - gone - !!!

What adds the horror is that they want to charge $399 (yes, that is correct, $399) to keep your ability to embed your images on any 3rd party site. This amount is ridiculous.

So, it seems that (some of us) like me have our work cut out for us and have to re attach ALL of these images back to SOS using the attachment process which is going to be a long drawn out process.

Obviously someone at PB is gone completely crazy and greedy as they say how many users they have. They will literally rake in the billions and billions of dollars.

I totally disagree with you PB for gouging your customers like this. I can see charging maybe $19 or $29 per year, but my gosh $399 - are you all nuts???

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Re: Photobuckets New Policy

Postby zoly99sask » Sun Jul 23, 2017 4:02 pm

A bunch of forums images gone because of them

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