Le Soleil Royal: kit bashed Mantua Sergal model

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Re: Le Soleil Royal: kit bashed Mantua Sergal model

Post by Donnie » Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:27 am

I also find it interesting that you took the time to document the time you spent on it. I assume that you must have kept a paper log book. So, I am wondering what criteria were you using to determine "When" you were actually working on it?
I mean, lets say you are rigging something, and it took an hour for you to figure out how you were going to do something as opposed to it only taking 5 min to actually "Perform" the task?
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Re: Le Soleil Royal: kit bashed Mantua Sergal model

Post by GaryM » Wed Nov 16, 2016 12:41 pm

Since the level of detail a person may add and the availability and amount of research a person may chose to perform will vary with each modeler, the times I show are related to the actual work performed on the vessel. Each person’s ability to read and interpret plans can vary a great detail. Thus, the time reflects only that used to measure the plans for comparison on the vessel or to determine the size of wood used to make a part that is unclear and not listed in the instructions or on the plans separately. Hopefully, by doing this, a person can use this as a guide to determine the level of commitment necessary to compete this type of project or can use it to gauge how far along they are if building the same vessel.
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