New Forum in Testing Phase

You can now Donate to a great cause. Ships of Scale is moving forward in upgrading to a better forum software.

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New Forum in Testing Phase

Post by admin » Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:08 am

New Forum in Testing Phase:

In the near future, Ships of Scale will be moving to a brand new type of forum program / software. The method of posting, uploading pictures, replying to post, Private Messages, and in reality, ALL aspects of the new forum (board) will be completely different.

Either at the time or before the new forum is release, there will be videos on how to use the new forum. I believe that every question that you have will be answered in this way. I encourage you greatly to invest in a small amount of time watching the videos or reading the tutorials on how to operate the new forum as this will greatly enhance your ability to make post and upload images with out the frustrations of trying to learn something new.

Change is very difficult for most and that includes me. We all like for things to stay the same. But, in the present day of needing more security for web services, it has become vital to make all these changes.

Keep watching this post as I will continue to make updates:

SOS purchased new Board Software

SOS has been in process of installing and configuring software

Configuring Server for security measures

Trial test of database import from this forum into new forum.

On going test and reviewing code for any problems.

Continuing process of testing and enhancements to programs to suit.....
Thank you for your donations and time and commitment to SOS. It is greatly appreciated.
D. Driskell
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Thank you again for your membership and interest.
You do make a difference in the community of Ship Builders !

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Re: New Forum in Testing Phase

Post by modelshipwright » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:57 am

Hi Donnie,

This is exciting news and I look forward to seeing the videos and eventually the new forum. Change is always difficult especially with us older folk but it is necessary in the world we live in. We respect your choice of software for the new forum and are sure it will be positive for all forum activities.

Thanks for all your hard work to make SoS a better place for us all. If you need any help with all this, just ask.

If it is worth doing, it is worth doing right.

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